Coaching and Developmental Editing For WRiters


Let's get your novel out there!

Think of me as a personal trainer for authors. I provide one-on-one attention, intensive feedback, customized instruction, and a whole hell of a lot of moral support to novelists and memoirists who want to turn pro.


Unfortunately, writing and publishing a book is not as straightforward as calories in, calories burned. Yet, it's often equally as fraught as working on our body image. Am I good enough? Am I wasting my time? Will I ever be able to call myself a real writer? Maybe. No. Yes!

Here are two things I know for sure: Writing your book is a worthwhile goal, and no matter where you are right now, you can have a fulfilling writer's life.

If you're ready to go all in, let's do this.



Full Manuscript Consult

I’ll give you honest and constructive feedback on your novel before you start approaching agents or the marketplace. If you’ve already put yourself out there and aren’t getting the reception you wanted, we’ll figure out how we can turn things around. I'll carefully read your pages and send you extensive line-by-line notes and a thorough editorial letter discussing such elements as voice, clarity, plot, emotional impact, character, and structure. Then we'll follow up with a 60-minute call to discuss any aspect of your novel or publishing goals.

  • One 20-minute consultation to help me understand you and your book

  • Thorough developmental notes on the project as a whole

  • Line-by-line notes on the page via comments and track changes

  • One 60-minute, post-edit telephone consultation to go over your plans for revision, address questions, and bounce around hypothetical solutions

Apply below so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.


Office hours


No matter how much good information is out there, sometimes you just need to talk to a pro who has been where you are. 

Schedule a call to pick my brain about anything writing, editing, and publishing. 

  • I want to write a novel, where do I start?

  • How do I get a literary agent?

  • Should I self publish?

  • How can I boost my bio and make a name for myself?

  • How can I get unstuck?

  • Or maybe you just need a good pep talk!

I’ll provide professional publishing advice, help you get clarity on your goals, and give you the god’s honest truth about what it will take to get there.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll book your preferred hour.

I’ll send you a questionnaire designed to help us both get clear on your needs.

I’ll review your answers and up to 5 pages of your writing. (This is not an edit.)

We’ll hop on the phone, and I’ll give you my undivided attention as we discuss your concerns so you leave clear, confident, and ready to make your book a reality.

I'll send you an email recapping our talk, outlining your next steps, and attaching or linking to any recommended resources.


Let's make things happen for you. 



What others are saying

Tiffany is a dream editor: Kind and patient but also critical and thorough. She makes writers and writing better.”
— Tina Dupuy, nationally syndicated columnist
Thanks to Tiffany, I currently have seven agents reading my novel manuscript! Before working with her, I’d queried agents and gotten no response despite having the opening chapter of my book published in a major journal. I’d thought my query and synopsis were good but thanks to Tiffany, they are SO much stronger and now in sync with the voice of my main character. Tiffany also gave me incredible notes on my opening three chapters which have streamlined the story and improved the book. She is positive yet completely honest, a perfect combination for an editor. I am grateful she took me on.
— Robert Kerbeck
Tiffany’s practical advice and common sense approach to writing, editing, and publishing have been invaluable. Writers are emotionally invested in their work – that’s normal and to be expected – but Tiffany helped me see that approaching agents and editors does not have to be an emotional roller coaster ride. Tiffany instills confidence in the writers she mentors. She is encouraging but honest in her comments, always keeping the big picture in mind. More than anything, she wants you to succeed and to find the fulfillment you seek as an artist.”
— Debbie Graber, author of Kevin Kramer Starts on Monday, finalist for the 2014 Flannery O’Connor Prize
“Tiffany was engaged in my project from day one, and she never flagged in her enthusiasm and deep consideration for my work. So many times I would read a comment or idea from her and wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ She gives constructive criticism but provides it in supportive and helpful terms. My work is absolutely more polished and has greater depth thanks to her. I cannot recommend Tiffany’s editing services highly enough, and it’s partly due to her timely and insightful feedback that I was able to secure my dream agent! “
— Re Marzullo
When I was stuck in the middle of a partially completed manuscript, Tiffany got me to “The End.” Not only do I adore Tiffany personally - boy, has she helped keep me motivated - I feel lucky to have worked with a published author who really understands storytelling. My work is richer and more nuanced as a result.
— Dr. Liz Alexander
Tiffany has been by my side from the very first draft all the way to publication. Her edits are constructive and intuitive. She’s a thoughtful critic who demonstrates a profound sensitivity to both the story and the writer’s goals. In addition, Tiffany comes from the valuable place of experience. She knows what it’s like to struggle with writing draft after draft, finding an agent and publisher, and marketing her work. I couldn’t have done it without her!
— Andee Reilly, author of Satisfaction
“Tiffany helped me take what was a nearly-formed idea and elevate it to a solid pitch that I successfully sold to The Atlantic. She understood what I was going for immediately, and what it would take for me to get there. I would have never dreamed of pitching there if it weren’t for her encouragement. “
— Scarlet Neath
Tiffany gave me a perspective and foundation I’ve never had. As a not-so-young but new author, I suffer from the same insecurity and lack of confidence we all have/have had, and that can be devastating in the solitary world of creative writing. Tiffany has been my helpmate, catalyst, cheerleader, teacher, and colleague that made me want – truly want – to be better at my craft. I have been given an amazing, wonderful opportunity to create under the guidance a professional who supports me. For the only time in three years, I’ve written without fear of rejection.”
— Bill Fehlinger
I have been trying my hand at publishing for some time now - short stories, novels, poetry - and it’s an uphill climb. When I first spoke to Tiffany, I couldn’t believe my luck! Here was someone who genuinely was interested in helping me find success. Tiffany is someone who listens to your needs as a writer, reviews your work with honest interest and constructive criticism and makes suggestions to get you started. She takes the journey with you on your road to publication. Tiffany was my divine intervention and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have help me.
— Valerie Montgomery
Tiffany’s support and guidance are truly invaluable. I feel genuinely lucky to have her rooting for me professionally; the information and advice that she has given me, and the way that she provides it in such a clear and streamlined manner, makes my goals feel wholly attainable. Through Tiffany’s personal experience with writing, being published, and teaching she has accumulated a vast breadth of knowledge that she shares generously.
— Molly Cimikoski
I worked with Tiffany to review and revise my short stories. My initial goal was just to take my work from draft sketch to publishable quality. However, as I worked with her, I found her keen eye for detail and her insightful feedback helped me to build my writer’s confidence as well. Tiffany’s services are more than just writer’s feedback – she mentors the entire writing experience. Thank you, Tiffany, for your mentorship. I’m a better writer as a whole thanks to your guidance.”
— Aurren Sakoda